Monday, December 8, 2008

Date night

Tonight Catherine had her little Christmas ballet recital. They were dressed as angels with white tutus and wings that had glitter on them. Sadly, they were rented and we couldn't take them home with us. She did well and enjoyed herself. Pictures will follow.
After we got home, our babysitter came and I joined Buddy for an ORU basketball game. I'm so thankful we took advantage of it last time and went with the Urbans, who unfortunately couldn't come this time. It was a great game and so nice to share something totally out of our normal routine with each other. I guess that's why date nights are so good for you. I think there's one more before the end of the year that we'd like to take the kids to, minus Caleb. We were amazed at how many older people were there- it's loud and has crazy college kids dressed up and very full of spirit!


Charissa said...

HA HA, very funny. I didn't say Dr. Thurman, I said Dr. Korstadt!!! Did I really sleep through his classes? That would explain my B- I suppose. Of course, I can remember his name but I can't remember what class he taught us. Chemistry, was it?

Kerry Shealy said...

I didn't realize you lived close to ORU. I know a really sweet young woman who goes to college there if you are interested in asking her to babysit sometime. You would LOVE her! Her family lives here in Florida and her sister just babysat for us last Saturday. We have known them for years! Let me know if you are interested.
Kerry RR