Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't we look organized and somewhat official?
Catherine's creation yesterday. It made it safely home with only 2 pieces of candy falling off!

Well, after a second try, I see the need for instant, not quick acting yeast when the recipe says instant. However, everyone enjoyed it this time, so I'll look a little closer when I'm shopping and get it right. Third time...
We took the kids to see the Children's Nutcracker today. Since Catherine is in ballet, this was fun for her. Buddy wasn't sure what kind of production it would be, but it turned out to be very nice, with some really great dancers. At the end, Catherine thought it was kind of loud and lots of clapping, but the smiles throughout told the real story. I'm sure we'll be seeing dancing of a similar sort for a while. Samuel's favorite part was the mice and soldiers fighting. The canon went off and the soldiers fell down. There was also some sword fighting.
Mom and dad watched Caleb, which was the first in a long time since we rarely get our schedules working to get times when they're available. When I went to pick him up, he was sound asleep on my mom's chest. Too bad I didn't have my camera! They keep commenting on how much he's growing. He eats a little over 1 cup of oatmeal every morning for breakfast, amazingly. He's such a cute boy and was playing to get attention, which they enjoyed. We were thankful for 2 things- they were available and that they had that special time with just him. They're getting ready to move, so they had to put that prep work aside for a bit.
As I type, the ice is pelting our house! Last year we spent almost a week at my parents' because our electricity was out. I'm trusting this is going to be over quickly. Maybe it's time to start watching the news! Too bad I didn't get more eggs, we could have bake-fest tomorrow!

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Kerry Shealy said...

This is your "official" invitation to come to sunny Florida if your electricity goes out!!! :-) You may even break a sweat!