Monday, December 1, 2008

Well, a very belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. We spent a nice day with our family and ate a bunch, but didn't overstuff. We happily took leftovers home and ate for the next 2 days on the great stuff. Of course, I failed to make enough sweet potato casserole to last more than one left over meal. I do have the recipe, so I could make it again! I made a blueberry pie for the first time and was pleased to hear that it was a hit with all. I also made a wild rice cranberry dressing which was tastey for us Minnesotans.

Before we went to mom and dad's, we went to the house Buddy is working on. We met the cabinet guy who happened to be a Christian. It was very sweet to hear he knew Buddy was a believer as soon as he introduced himself. We had such a nice conversation about how good God is to us and how He cares for us so well. The fact that they both had to do a bit of work on that day was cause for thanksgiving, know God has given them both work in spite of what we hear about the economy.

I've been happily knitting away and have finished 3 scarves. The first went to Catherine, the 2nd we can bless someone with, the 3rd I started with yarn that is a bit more challenging than I anticipated with kneedles much smaller than I had been using, so it's in my sewing box to be torn apart later or finished, as I feel led! The 4th goes to Samuel and he is quite pleased to have "boy colors" on his scarf (I accidently ended up with an extra stitch somehow, so it's a little wider than I planned.) Ok, now that they are done, I can go on to the ones we'd like to gift to others.

Yesterday we finally got all the decorations down from the shed loft. Buddy does the heavy work and the rest of us do the decorating. As you can see, we don't have a theme, just a family memory assortment. I have ornaments for each year from when I was a little girl, a family ornament since we were first married, and one for each Christmas for each child. Plus all the crafty ones they've made in school and some here at home. The kids put most of the ornaments on the tree and did a pretty good job. Buddy got to top it with the star and Caleb was able to take an ornament or 2 off when he got close.

We'd had a train for several year, but it bit the dust last year, so we got one on sale and have been anticipating Christmas so we could get it out this year. If you look closely, Samuel put his special touches on it.

We have to go get batteries today so it'll sing to us, but it's been fun even with manuel power!

We had the fireplace going, Christmas carols playing, and a balsam fir candle burning (to mask the dusty smell of the tree) and had such a nice time! The kids asked me what my favorite part was and it's really listening to the kids ooh and ah! over all the ornaments and decorations. They have lights up around the ceiling in their room, a nativity scene, dolls and tiny trees on their dressers.

Caleb gets such a kick out of climbing on the hearth. It's a little concerning to Buddy, but he knows how to turn around to get down, which I think is so smart of him! The fire in the fireplace was a lot of fun for him, plus the stocking were quite fun for him to look at. Excuse the leftover dinner on his belly.

Well, back to a "normal" week of school and getting the house back in order after decorating! We woke this morning to a dusting of snow on the roof and some on the ground. We're hopeful for a much warmer day for our field trip tomorrow!

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