Friday, December 5, 2008

A day on the road

Today was a funny day. Usually, Buddy works about an hour away, but today was installing right in our town! He'd spent the night away so he could get up early and get to it. the kids and I planned a little surprise and met him at the job site with some treats and smiling faces. We planned to stay for a short while so we could get back to school work, but ended up staying for over an hour. I must say, it's really neat seeing his handiwork. As I told one of the other contractors, I get to wash his dirty clothes and that's about all I see, usually. We came back so Caleb could nap, did the majority of school, turned around to take lunch to Buddy and his helper and had a picnic in one of the bedrooms! (The house is new construction, so there's no carpet down and the wood floors aren't stained, so it's not a big deal if we have a few crumbs.) Back home for the rest of school and laundry, a failed nap for Caleb, then we were back over to the house to bring some papers to Buddy. They were planning on installing at another house tonight, but hadn't had dinner, so back on the road to Panera for our dinner and got some for the guys. Spent some time while they were eating and helped troubleshoot, then back home. It felt like we were gone as much as we were home, but we were all thankful to have that time with Buddy.
I had intended to take the kids to a Christmas program that, I'm sure, wouldn't have been fabulous. However, I didn't have a babysitter and the older 2 had some attitude issues that were less than becoming. So, change of plans for us, which ended up being fine since we had dinner out and more time with daddy.
Tomorrow should be a much better day attitude-wise or we'll miss out on some more fun I've planned.

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