Monday, December 1, 2008

Kid moments

Caleb took his first steps yesterday! It was so cool that Buddy was here and C walked to him for his first steps! That didn't happen with the 1st 2, so this was quite monumental. Funny thing was after that he spent quite a bit of time bear crawling (hands and legs straight) around the house. Buddy says he could win a medal in the 100 yard crawl! I was calling "Catherine Ruth" while I was feeding him the other day and he said "aaa ooo." It's going to be flood gates opening when he finally says something!
We were driving around on Friday, I think and Steven Curtis Chapman was singing a song which I realized was from an orphan's viewpoint. Of course, I was moved by it and told the kids what it was. Catherine said, "I want an orphan for Christmas." That is the sentiment of all of us here. Click here to see what we heard and then go to Reece's Rainbow to help sponsor an orphan who could be helped so much by a little help from each of us.

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