Saturday, December 6, 2008

A few of my favorite things

...watching Caleb reach for Samuel to pat his hair while we're driving and seeing him lean in for a snuggle with Catherine at the same time.
...finding organic treats for my kids and hearing them exclaim about the wonders of candy canes that are made with sucanot and jello that has no animal parts and squishes around in their mouths (1st time today. Caleb couldn't quite figure it out and spit it out for quite a few tries and eventually ate some while he was in the tub.)
...a husband who comes home from a very long day yesterday, a full 7 hours of work, 2 hours of driving today, and puts up Christmas lights outside, runs to WalMart to get more so we can finish the last 5 feet, and then has a slumber party with them in the living room so they can sleep on the sofa sleeper.
...hearing my children cheer for Caleb as he takes more steps
...wrestling/tickling on the floor with the kids
...seeing compassion in Caleb for his sister- when he saw her tears tonight over having daddy and S gone and no friends to play with, ponted to her face. I said, "yes, sissy is sad. Go give her a hug" went over to her to give her a hug, then sat down and snuggled in her lap. (I got a picture but Catherine begged me not to put it on the blog.)
...hearing Samuel suggest he and Catherine rake up all the leaves in our yard to surprise daddy "and maybe he'll pay us!"
...working with S&C on an art project after we got home from the museum as we explored a new way to express ourselves. They behaved so well today while we were out and I praised them several times and told them how great it was to have them acting so nicely and how much I enjoyed our time together. Catherine's response- "we're honoring God with our work."

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