Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh my! How fast time flies. Sadly, without being able to post pictures, blogging is not that fun sometimes. I want you to see the action as well as hear about it.
We are so happy to be in the new year, looking back on all the blessing the Lord brought our way, as well as looking ahead knowing that amazing things are up ahead of us.
We have had a really fun psat week. Christmas eve, Caleb got his first haircut- just around the back and his ears since he was getting shaggy! I did it while he was in the tub and just couldn't do the front knowing how he twisted and turned. S&C used that to their advantage yesterday when they gave him a mohawk about 4 inches high! We got to go to a beautiful candle light, carols and communion service with my parents.
Buddy got a Santa suit last year, so Christmas am the kids have to wait until we say it's ok to get down because he has to have time to get ready. He gets up earlier than all of us every day, so it was ok to wait til he was rested at 7:30. He was out in the living room in front of the tree waiting for them. Caleb had no fear and just jabbered away to Santa and sat on his lap. Buddy got a hunting video, which ended up being a good chunk of our entertainment for the day! Mom and dad came to spend the day with us, which was so nice. We ate all day, totally relaxed, played Monopoly and just spent good time enjoying each other. The next day we went to Branson and spent the weekend at a friends condo, kind of last minute.
Today we went to their house for the day and did the same- ate, played Monopoly, and enjoyed the family time. Caleb was walking around quite a bit and showed how he's been saying his thank you. (He can sign baby, eat, more, all done, and said a form of please, all done, hi, and I forgot what else! We're still working on the 4 molars, bless him.) Samuel got to shoot his gun with grandpa, which was pretty cool. After a gun safety course (since he shot a tree yesterday and caught a bee bee in the neck!) grandpa will take him squirrel hunting! We went to be early last night after watching "Super Size Me." Wow! Makes you think.
We have heard good knews about the T family's adoption paperwork. We know that big things have been taken care of recently with more news to come in the next few days. The anticipation is growing and we know it's coming quickly!
I've kept the kids doing 1 subject of school a day this week to help with our time while we're gone. I figured that's one day someone can have a break from school work, although they do a great job with their work and wouldn't complain for anyone.
I got a KitchenAid from my parents and think it's the greatest! I've made several things in it and am looking forward to having a day of food prep with all sorts of tasties for our absence. We eat a bit differently and I'd hate to have someone be concerned about our eating habits. My mom was asking me questions in case she's watching and she's super about doing things the way we do with schedules, eating, etc. and it'll be one less thing to stress about.
All right! Looking forward to a great new year with lots of really good things to share with you.

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Mary said...

Ooooh a Kitchenaid mixer - those things are so awesome, lucky you! There's so much that you can do with those things.

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again:

A very merry Christmas and happy New Year!!!