Saturday, January 24, 2009

Field Trip Fun

Yesterday was another great field trip with the Urbans. I'm blessed to know a fabulous sculptor who is in the middle of a big project. She graciously took time out to teach our children the joys of working with clay. One of the things I really appreciated was her encouragement of being an individual and not trying to copy anyone else. It's what's inside you, not what you think others want you to do. She was willing to get down on the floor to help and gave great pointers, but let the kids do a lot on their own.
Getting started- you have to soften the clay. The nails will give them stability to their projects.
Getting some pointers on shaping the insides. I forgot the name, but you use foil to make the initial shape before you cover it with clay.
Catherine, of course made a cat.
Samuel is creating hair for Jesus.
Here are the semi-finished projects with Mrs. Roz.
After we baked them, we went to the Urbans to paint our projects. Catherine finally decided on a black cat and Samuel worked to make his very realistic. He intended to make muscles on Jesus' chest.
On our way home, the girls rode with me. We stopped to see one of Rosalind's sculptures in real life. Unfortunately, this is as close as we could get.
We all agreed that this was the best field trip yet! Thanks Mrs. Roz!


Charissa said...

Was Buddy impressed? I think they all turned out so great!

Delahne said...

He wished he could have been there to try some, too!