Monday, January 5, 2009

Last night while we were reading the Bible, I got an idea about having a verse each week for us to memorize that has to do with our words for the year. This week's verse is- "Hear, my son, and attend to my words, that the years of your life may be many." Proverbs 4:10. Today we took the verse, wrote it in their journals, talked about parts of speech and talked about how we can apply it. I think this will be good for us.
We did have one of those school days after we have been on break, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow being much beter. We're going to go to power plant next week on a field trip to tour the gas plant side. I remember doing that when I was in high school and really enjoying it. After that, I'd like to learn from a client who is a famous sculptor. I'm enjoying this, most of the time! (Keeping it real!)
I did get the top of Caleb's hair cut and saved the hair before someone kindly cleaned up after me! Catherine spiked it again, so I didn't get a good picture.
Yesterday Buddy took the kids to fly kites in the upper 30's, low 40's weather. I'm so glad he took them, because I don't enjoy freezing that much!
However, my Christmas present from him was long johns! I'm now more prepared than ever for the call that we can take off for ROG. I also found some nice wool socks at Sam's and just need good boots and gloves. Then I think I'm set for clothes. Things are shut down now for their holidays, so sometime in the next 2-3 weeks we could hear something. I keep being hopeful and truly believe it's coming soon. Amazing to think that in a few weeks, it'll be a year ago that we first laid eyes on her picture and felt God's leading to bring her to our home. It was then that the Urban's were bringing home Ava. Seeing her progress in a year makes me so excited to think of what's ahead for Hannah.
Have to share about Christmas day. Caleb got hold of the candy cane the kids put in Buddy's stocking. He went around with it and kept saying "mmm" everytime he put it in his mouth. I eventually got him distracted and took it away, but boy was it a big uproar any other time someone touched it! Samuel got a big Lego Star Wars set from Gpa and Gma that he put together in a few hours with minimal help. He also got a City set from us that was "too easy for me." Then Uncle Mark got him an Erector set that he thought would be great, considering how much he likes Legos. Slyly, Samuel came up and asked if we could return it later and was really vigilant that noone opened the box so he could take it back! Catherine got a beautiful tutu from us that made her day. The next day in all the warmth we had, she was outside in a leotard and her tutu dancing in the back yard. She actually tried on several leotards with it to find the one that best matched!
Samuel and I have decided that will the 10,000 (probably underestimating) or so Legos he has, we should try to build something that uses every piece he has. The building began today and I'm sure will continue for quite a while. The funny thing is that he can't help but make what you're doing somehow better than what you're doing! He does have great ideas, though, so it's fine.
Caleb is now walking quite well, taking more and more steps and today was able to walk, change directions and continue without falling. He walked all over dance tonight and was pretty insistant that he go in one of the studios! He can climb the ladder on the bunk beds and if you're not watching, will go all the way up by himself! Time to take the ladder off or keep the door closed!
Promise, pictures WILL come soon!

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