Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's snow fun outside!

The beauty of the ice. This tree was pretty damaged in last year's storm.

With Samuel at a friend's house yesterday, Catherine had to play by herself til we got up the courage to get cold!

Daddy and daughter enjoyed themselves.
Caleb's first sled ride. Catherine was trying to help him get the most out of the snow. After we pulled them around for a bit, she took over and very carefully gave him a nice ride. The grin didn't stop. It was so sweet to hear his excitement over the whole experience. His boots are way too big, but he was toasty warm!
Amazingly, it's just good slush left. S & C had a good time playing in it today. Both were soaked and very cold at first. Catherine was out without a coat on! My amazingly hot natured girl! Very much NOT like me!

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