Monday, January 19, 2009

The Party 's Over

For Catherine's party, I got some really great help from friends and my mom. I got some beautiful serving trays and plates, some very much needed last minute additions of napkins and chair covers after someone invited themself to the party! Thanks to Shawn who brought extras that matched perfectly! I got to use our quill pens to write the place cards, which was cool. Carmen used to live in England so she shared some really fun tidbits about etiquette and setting up the table.
Dress nicely and wear a hat. Never raise your saucer with your cup unless you're standing. Never wave your cup about. Rest your cup in between sips. Do not slurp your tea. Take small bites of your food. Use quiet voices when speaking. Stir your tea from the 6 o'clock postition to the 12 o'clock position no more than 3 times, then place your spoon on your saucer. Napkins go in your lap. That's all I can remember. The girls thought that was really fun.
The menu was cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, 3 kinds of chutney (not on the table yet) with assorted crackers, tarts with vanilla yogurt and berries (not shown in the picture), mini chocolate bundt cakes with chocolate glaze, and 3 kinds of tea with milk and sugar.
Sadly, this is the only picture I have of the table or the party. Thankfully, 3 people had cameras and were taking pictures for me! I worked for 3 days on it and was quite pleased with how it turned out. I highly doubt I'd do it again for that many girls, but it was fun!

Catherine needed a hat and I borrowed one from a client. However, she was a bit disappointed it wasn't a big, soft hat, so we went to Hobby Lobby, got all the fixing and came up with this. Although it wasn't soft, she had a good time with it. I'll post pictures of the other girls once I get them from mom.

Samuel and Buddy went to my parent's to work on his pine wood derby car. I think they got some things done that were very helpful. This picture shows why it's good there were no boys at the party.

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Amos said...

Oh my gosh, I NEED a little girl!!! What a fabulous celebration for her!