Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ideas, please!

Caleb is our first paci child. Samuel had his thumb, Catherine had her "b." We never had to deal with waking during the night from a very early age with them because they had their special thing with them and easily accessable. With Caleb, we're having lots of changes in our sleeping because he wakes during the night when he doesn't have a paci. I miss my full night's sleep and I know it's got to affect him, too. Knowing someone will be staying with the kids while we're gone getting Hannah, I want him to be done with it so they can sleep without disruption. Any suggestions to help with a smooth transition? He already has a "b" and likes his snuggle time. What else can I do?


Charissa said...

I wonder if you could somehow strap it to his wrist, like with Coban or something. Maybe Babies R Us has some ideas....I never did have a kid take a pacifier but I remember trying to figure out how to duplicate a fake breast for their nighttime enjoyment. :)

Kerry Shealy said...

This is what I did when we were ready to get rid of the paci and it worked wonderfully!!! Franklin was 11 months when I decided to take it away.
I snipped off the very tip the first day. He put it in his mouth and made a strange face, but still enjoyed it. The second day I snipped off a little more. Once again, a strange face, a smile, and a weird suck. The third day I snipped off a little more, there wasn't much to suck on, so he mostly played with it. The fourth day I snipped off a little more, but there wasn't enough to suck on, so he was done. He never cried, or asked for it. He didn't want it anymore because he didn't care for the way it felt in his mouth.

Before we took it away I used to throw 3 paci's in his bed at night, so he could always find one! Now, they have glow in the dark paci's!

Good luck!