Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When Samuel was in 1st grade, he wanted to be a cub scout. I'm all for it. I think it's great to have some father/son time and learn some skills and be a boy. However, Buddy was working over an hour away and worked 10 hour days. Some days he just couldn't get home in time. Some days, Catherine was worn out and needed to get to bed so it was hard for me to take him. So, last year we just skipped it. This year, we got the flyer and I was kind of dreading it. Buddy was willing to go with him...until he was coming home at 6 and the meeting started at 7. Samuel was really disappointed and so, like the great dad he is, Buddy took him. This was a source of great delight to Samuel and a source of great sadness to Catherine. She wanted her daddy. She did brighten up at the idea that later this week she could have some daddy time "and you guys stay here?" Yes, we would. Big grin. So we played Dora Uno which made Caleb laugh so hard and watched a Strawberry Shortcake video. When it came time for bed and the boys weren't home yet, tears came and the several trips out for this and that. Oh my, what having time with their daddy, or dad as Samuel reminds me, means to his kids. He's quite the hero.
Today we were running behind and I had to drop them off instead of walking in with them. That got a big "yes!" out of Samuel, but not Catherine. However, he volunteered to walk her to her class which was great with her. Good brother he is.

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