Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week in review

What a great past week we've had. Although we've heard nothing new about Hannah, we do know that Robin is now back in the states and believe her visit to ROG was a successful one and anticipate good things from it.

We are officially done with swim lessons for the summer! My car will probably want to auto-pilot its way to the pool, but I'll be happy to refrain. For Caleb's sake, I'm looking forward to a day of no running around. Wednesday, Caleb sprouted his upper left tooth, followed Thursday by his upper right. I can already see his 3rd and 4th upper teeth through his gums and know it won't be long! He's doing really well. I got a tip from a friend about teething biscuits and got some at WalMart tonight. Man, oh man, did he make a mess! But he really liked them. It was a contest to see how much he could put in his mouth at once. Buddy took it away because he was gagging and he cried because he wanted it back. Caleb has also begun crawling more on hands and knees. When he wants speed, he's back to the army crawl!

Buddy got some much needed lawn care done and took care of a hornets nest we didn't realize we had. Last week, I was weeding in front of some bushes and got stung by something. It was kind of dark and I just knew it hurt BAD!!! I was watering yesterday and a hornet flew out of the bushes. That did it! I happily abandoned any work I needed to do in that area! Now, I'll have to get back to it.

Catherine abandonded her training wheels a few weeks ago but has not really enjoyed the feeling of not having them. Yesterday, Samuel helped her as she ventured more on her own. She has a crash and scraped her arm and leg very mildly. I congratulated her on her first accident- it meant she was actually trying on her own. I remember the first time Samuel fell and got badly scraped. He's got the scars to prove it. After that, she was much bolder and had a lot of fun.

This weekend was no sales tax shopping for clothes and shoes, so after I got Caleb up from his nap, he and I hit Old Navy and Target and got some really great deals. Last year this weekend, I ended up in the hospital having contractions while I tried to get school shopping done. Funny to think that so much has changed in a 12 month period. Mom had to do my shopping for me and pants that fit Samuel in the beginning of August were too short by the end of September. So, this year I bought his pants too big in hopes they'll still be right. If not, I left the tags on and I've got 90 days to return!

It was 106 degrees today so we decided to hit the pool. We were there for about an hour and a half and had a fabulous time together. The kids all did great and had fun practicing their new skills. Buddy got to put in some time in lap lanes while Caleb and I chased him along the side of the pool.

One of the biggest and best things that happened this week was that Buddy and I went to an Upper Cervical Doctor. The steps that led us to going had to have been the Lord. He and I had both have had back pain for quite a while- I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teen, and just the life things that happen to you add up to pesty things in different parts of your body that you come to believe are "normal." I went on Tuesday- my legs were 3/4 inch different, my hips were twisted and tilted and I was leaning to one side. Basically, all this was putting pressure all the way around my brain stem. The adjustment was so easy, I didn't realize the Dr. had done anything. When I stood up, I felt completely different. It felt like all the pressure in my neck and shoulders just evaporated. I could turn my head without pain, my right shoulder wasn't twisted forward. I actually felt calmer, more relaxed. That night I slept with no discomfort and woke up feeling refreshed, without my feet hurting. I know that sounds strange, but so true. Buddy went Friday and unlike almost every night for the past almost 11 years of marriage, fell asleep and slept all night in the same position. He had several little things here and there that were his "normal" that had disappeared, too. 2 biggies are that his digestion is better and he didn't sneeze while he was mowing yesterday, which is HUGE! We also have noticed having a lot more energy.
Believe it or not, there are only 300 Dr.s in the world who practice this, but the list of things that can be treated that, from other Dr.s' reports are incurable or only treatable with meds or surgery, are amazing. It has to be wisdom from the Lord that led to discovering this treatment technique. Here's a link to the Dr. we went to. You can listen to an interview that's amazing and find someone in your area that can help. It's so worth it just in case it may work for you.

We found out that our good friends, the Urbans will be moving about 4 miles from us the end of this month! Hope and Hannah will be about the same age. Hope likes to help her sister Ava learn new things. I wonder what she'll be teaching Hannah?

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