Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Best Friend

Last year, Catherine had a really fun group of girls to play with in her class. Mostly, they were very well behaved and got along great. This year, only one was in her class- Allie Grace. Well, since school started, they have been inseperable. One day last week I was a little later picking them up- Caleb needed to be fed, the pick up line was long and I hadn't wanted to take Caleb out of his car seat to troop into the school, etc. She was in tears. Why did I take so long!?! Did she know I would come for her? Yes. (sob, sob) But I wanted Allie Grace! Come to find out, Allie Grace had been there for a while, but left.
Allie Grace got a hair cut before school and always has a bow in her hair and is dressed really cute. Up until the first day of school, Catherine wasn't that particular about what she wore, as long as it was pink! Hair things were something to be cast off when I wasn't looking. Now, she HAS to have her hair pulled over to the side WITH a bow. She had one and wore it everyday. I'd hesitated buying more because it was a waste of money and added frustration trying to keep track of what hair things she had when she'd leave them places. Allie Grace, knowing how much Catherine likes her bow, very sweetly brought her a ziplock with about 6 bows in it last week. What a precious friend! So now, the ziplock is essential for dressing. Last night, she took a shower and immediately put a bow in, cried when I asked her to take it out since her hair was soaking wet.
Allie Grace is her first best friend. Not the first she's ever had, but the first, best, above anyone else. The hours apart are not unbearable, but the moments together are gold.

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Kathryn said...

Hi, I just followed your blog from someone else's. My son has arthrogryposis and so do I. Just wanted to say how cool you're adopting a child with it. Congrats! :)