Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kid stuff

My kids are really great about trying new things that are healthy. Today Buddy told me he'd heard that, even though we juice several times a week, we need to eat the pulp, not just drink the juice. So, tonight I juiced bok choy, celery, pear and carrots, added most of the pulp to the juice and put it in pancakes (along with flax seed, protein powder and anything else I could think of. Just kidding.) Samuel's first response when he saw it was- "why didn't you just let me drink it?" and "I don't like it." We then got to talk about how saying you don't like it before you try is NOT ok, and how important it is to be grateful, not always saying you don't like things and about honoring daddy's wish to have this. I gave Caleb a few bites and he started crying for more! Samuel tried a piece and decided it was pretty good! After a few bites he requested anytime we have a "special" night I make it the exact same way. In typical dramatic fashion, Catherine proclaimed it "delicious, this is sooo good!"

Yesterday, both S&C had play dates that started somewhere else and ended at our house with both of them begging to have another one soon. School starts next Thursday, so we've got our days numbered. We found out who their teachers are for the year and who is in their classes, which was really exciting. S has all familiar faces and several from C's class last year will be with her, too. All summer we've been doing workbook pages, flash cards and reading and are finally down to the last 2 days of work. They each get a $ amount to spend for their hard work and know exactly what they want! They've gotten up everyday by 7:30 at the latest and been ready to go for the day. Today, C slept until 8:50. It must have taken a lot out of her to have so much excitement in one day!

Their new clothes are hung up nicely and Samuel has made a big change in his life. He has officially left the world of "tighty whiteys" and entered into the world of boxers. When was I expecting that to matter to him? Maybe in a few years, but not as an 8 year old! Catherine has a friend who is kissing boys and telling her about it and dating. Oh, my! REALLY not ready for that yet. Had a little talk about what's appropriate for her age and for a VERY long time to come!

I've really enjoyed having the kids home this summer and their friends over so much. It's really true that adding one or two more really doesn't add to your work, it lightens it! They've been helpful, willing to do projects with me, faithfully done their school work (not always so willingly) and been having fun together. Caleb will miss his siblings and they will most likely really miss their times together. It'll be a lot quieter, I'll get some much needed projects done, but I'll miss having them around the house all day.

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