Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day favorites

Caleb and Samuel celebrating 11 months

Catherine's new "do"
All ready to go!

Well, after a sightly miscalculated leaving time, we made it to school for the first day of 1st and 3rd grade. Samuel was up at about 6:30, eating breakfast ON THE COUCH at 7, while sleeping beauty wasn't up until 7:30. They are on opposite ends of the school this year, which makes timing a little more challenging as well as less social for me. Samuel's class is kind of isolated, plus several kids in Catherine's class are not back this year. I got pictures with both kids, kissed and hugged and off they went.

Catherine's favorite thing was: her haircut. Playing outside was her favorite thing about school. She did play bingo and won twice, which was her 2nd favorite thing.

Samuel's favorite things: Steven (who picked on him last year because of his backpack) is now his friend, at least he's with most of his friends, Mrs. S has lots of funny songs and he likes her books. There's one new kid and she's kind of nice.

They will be eating at totally different times, going to different chapels, and so will rarely, if ever, see each other. However, when I asked them if they missed me, Caleb, or each other, there was NO hesitation that they didn't. Samuel gets to be up in the balcony during chapel and is with the 4th and 5th graders for chapel, recess and lunch, while Catherine is with the 2nd graders for lunch and recess. She got to see her friend G 3 times today and was pretty happy about that. G is in K-4.

When I picked up Samuel he asked why I'd picked him up in his classroom. He didn't want me to, instead he wanted to go to "canopy" where he would wait with his friends for me to walk in and get him or drive up and he'd come out to the car. Well... I guess I was told!

I had every intention of getting lots done at home, but instead went with another mom to Whole Foods to stock up on snacks for the kids since we eat a bit differently than most, had lunch, fed Caleb twice, took a 30 minute nap, read for a few minutes, baked some bread for the kids' after school snack, cleaned up the kitchen, and that was IT! I'll have to do much better from now on.

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Lovely family!!!Hugs!!!