Wednesday, August 13, 2008

End of summer and kid stuff

Yesterday was meet the teacher night after the last summer playdates. What fun the play dates were. MUST have them again! The kids were so excited to see their rooms and see their friends again. Catherine and Samuel share a bedroom and at night they sometimes squabble over who gets to decide what they listen to while they sleep. I did the "pick a # between 1 and 10" and Samuel picked closest, which sent Catherine into tears. Bottom line, she wants school to be today!

So, today was a really sweet day with the kids and I. Yesterday, Samuel made a trade with his friend- a nerf gun for heely's. Samuel has been believing for those for quite some time, but it wasn't something I thought worth spending money on. Pretty cool, until he tried to use them outside today and fell. It was nice to hold him (how much longer will he fit and want to do it) and tell him how much I loved and would miss him while he was in school.

Catherine started begging me yesterday to cut her hair off, I'm sure it was spurred by her 2 very good friends getting their hair cut. It was too late to call our hair dresser, so I did what any good mom would do and took it into my own hands, which is what she wanted. I cut off about 3 inches and she was thrilled! Part of the issue was getting rid of her curls, which she was destined to have because Buddy, his dad, my mom, dad grandma and grandpa all have some curl/wave action going on. Anyway, it was a nice time together and she was pleased with the results.

We got to go to a little b-day party with Zach and Gabriella that extended into a play date that was lots of fun, all too quickly ended.

They each got their clothes ready for tomorrow, put up all their toys (as put up as the Lego's get!) and have their back packs ready. Samuel said "I'm having a hard time waiting for it to be tomorrow!" At first he said his teacher was not the one that he prayed to have, but when I reminded him that he wouldn't be in the same class as his friends, he got his silly little smile and was ok with it.

It was a really good summer with lots of good memories, trips to Branson, time with family, trips to the library, play dates, etc. I have had moments when I'd like to send them somewhere else for a while, but for the most part, I've really enjoyed our times together. I'll miss having them around. I told Samuel I was going to miss him saying "mom" all day long!

Samuel has another loose tooth- #9! He's played Lego's every waking moment all summer long, so it'll be interesting to see how he does having homework every night and needing to do that and not play all day.

Catherine lost another tooth tonight and is now even with Samuel. We were reading Junie B Jones and there was something about farmers having nubbins for heads and she misunderstood me and said "speaking of muffins, can you make some for us?"

Caleb is 11 months today. He and C had a bath together and he was so wild! Splashing and squealing and get me wet. So funny. Earlier this week we were petting Nikki and I was saying "kitty" and he said kaykay more than once. His 7th tooth came through, which I may have already mentioned.

I love my kids!

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