Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So, how'd it go?

Ok, so our Wednesday didn't turn out as they expected. Catherine's class only got to move 1 straw. Samuel did not do well on his practice spelling test so he had to write spelling words and do a report that's due Friday. The vacuum DID come and boy, were they excited! We had to go to the House of Vacuums to get bags for it and here was a conversation on the way there...

me- I'm so excited, we get to start planning for Caleb's birthday!
S- then it's me! (he's got legos on the brain)
me- no, then it'll be me
S- Huh?
me- mine's 4 days after his
S- Whoa! You're related!

So we get the bags and go home. Immediately, Samuel is taking this apart, putting that together. You should have seen him going to town, all the while I'm asking him not to do anything without asking and making sure we've got it together right. He says, I watched they guys do it when they were here! (The Kirby guys came about a week and a half ago. I'd wanted to get one, but not with the huge price, especially while we're in this process. Ours had died and we'd borrowed my mom's. Thanks mom! We'll get it back to you Saturday. I went on ebay and found the very one for MUCH less, praise the LORD!) So, they were asking to vacuum. I'll be ever so happy to ablige them in this fascinating new chore and see how long it lasts.

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