Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pictures from today

I let Caleb try a grape tomato tonight. Can you see it?

He REALLY liked his blueberries and oatmeal!

Samuel and Caleb loving on each other.

Catherine was hiding from me so I couldn't take her picture!

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Fran said...

Hello again Delahne...thanx 4 visit my page too..:),that post you left a comment it was talkin bout August 27,12:00am(Brazil's time)it will happen a nature's phenomenon where the Mars planet it will be so viseble as the moon,so it's like the sky it has 2 moons...a friend of mine sent me a email tellin me that and i thought interested and then wanted to share with everybody else.If i could see clearly i will try to get a picture.I hope
xxx Fran.