Thursday, August 28, 2008

When I first graduated from ORU, I had a job but no car. So, in the weekend my parents were here for graduation we found a car for pretty cheap. Great deal, we thought. I started work and met a girl who happened to be living in the same apartment complex, was just starting her orientation and would be working 12 hour nights like me! Well, not too long after we started I had to call and ask for a ride to work- my great deal died. We developed a great friendship that is full of great memories and sharing of significant moments. Forgive me, Nicole, but I think you've been married 6 years. In that time, they've not been able to have any babies. Nicole worked in NICU for several years and is now a lactation consultant. (Can you tell the mommy/baby thing is for her?) Well, up until about 2 weeks ago, she and her husband have not been on the same page about adoption. Through a miracle that came about in large part because she was obedient to what the Lord showed her to do and not complaining, nagging, and all the other things we do when we don't get our way, she and her husband are on the road to international adoption!!!
When she told me, I was so thrilled for her. It's a blessing to know that God is answering her prayers and will work an amazing work in providing and leading her to the right agency and child. YEA!!! I love you Nicole and I look forward to growing our families together.

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schoolmother said...

I am excited to see that your adoption process is going so well!
Joy, adopting Roman