Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We were blessed this past Friday, after a great day of school, to head over to my parents' to have dinner with them, Mark, dad's twin Doyall and his daughter Julia from CA. 2 years ago we were in CA for Julia's wedding. It was a bit north of San Diego, beautiful, but WILD traffic! So glad to not have to deal with that! Caleb took right to Doyall and spent quite a bit of time with him as Doyall patiently scraped apples and carrots into tiny pieces for him to eat. As always, the food was great and the talking and laughing were the best parts.

Our pool has become algae infested, so Saturday Buddy and I emptied it and did some yard work. The weather has been so beautiful for August, plus working together made it a lot of fun. The kids spent the day playing, which was fine all around. Buddy cleaned out his truck, but not before S&C found a new mode of transportation!

On Sunday, mom came over in the afternoon and watched the kids while we did our CPR class. I was so thankful this lady was willing to include us in her free class, even though we are not members of her church. OK, I think we are totally done with our education requirements!

S&C were very excited to go back to school Monday, especially with daddy being around to take them. Samuel learned a song about obedience his first day, and Catherine made a key chain that says - completely, going the extra mile, imediately, with a cheerful attitude, and one more. Those are the keys to obedience. Oh, I like the way this school year is starting out! Samuel also learned a song about Magdalena Pagdalena something something that he sang over and over. Had it not been for this song, the obedience would have been his favorite.

Since Catherine has taken off her training wheels, it's taken a while to get off by herself. I really think this Upper Cervical Care has made a huge difference. It was after she got adjusted that she started taking off and is now riding like a champ- fast and straight! She's also MUCH less moody and sleeps about 11 hours a night, give or take 10 minutes. Very nice!

Caleb is a little crawling champ and is learning how to climb over things. Buddy says he puts it in 4 wheel drive and just goes, no matter what's in his way. We went to Sam's tonight and used cherry boxes to bring our things home. Here's what Caleb did with them...

Here's Caleb sleeping so peacefully after playing so hard.

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