Friday, February 27, 2009

If I told you what was going on in the adoption area of our life, you wouldn't believe it, so I won't go into it. Needless to say, we still wait. I keep buying things here and there as I see a sale. My concern is changing timelines mean changing sizes and seasons, so I haven't gotten too excited about it. Lessens the stress as the days pass with "might happens."
Our tax appt. is tomorrow. I'm discovering that I'm missing some things that I'm sure I recorded and now can't find. So, I left Catherine to read to Samuel this afternoon. I'm sure they were very diligent, but I heard frequent giggling sounds coming from the living room. Every year I promise myself to do better. This year, I don't have a choice. We'll have a lot on our plates, but it'll all be good.

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Hi~I'm Alysha said...

I'm so sorry for your long wait. Remember though that God's timeline is perfect and your daughter is in His hands. Praying for His peace about the adoption to surround you with that peace that can't be beat :).