Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks for the kind words about our neighborhood kids. We really are believing that once we get our adoption finalized, we'll be moving to more land and bigger house. You can't say we haven't tried our best to make our 1630 sq ft work for the 5 of us. Funny thing is, we have great memories in this house, but I'm ready to leave when we get "the word" that it's time. It's crazy to think of all the ways we've rearranged, repainted, and reorganized closets, drawers, furniture, etc. I was pleased to notice how little we have in the attic and know if I'm really diligent, we can get each closet done once more in a very short time.
Today the kids and I got busy cleaning bathrooms and floors, general pick up, and eliminating what we could in the garage. It's amazing what you can do in a short amount of time. Buddy was working 1/2 the day today, so we did what we could on our own and tomorrow should be able to do some more. We're thankful the garbage goes Monday, cuz we're filling the container pretty full! There are just a few things in the garage that won't fit in our house but I hate to get rid of them. I really like them and want to put them in our next home.
Yesterday, it was so nice out, the kids wanted to get out, I needed to exercise, we needed a few things from Walmart, which is just a mile away, that I thought the kids could ride their bikes while I pushed Caleb in the stroller! It took about 25 minutes to make the less than 5 minute commute! Not so bad on the way there, but after we walked around the store and started to leave, I looked toward home and groaned inwardly. This is NOT a jogging stroller, I had extra weight in it, and it's been far too long since I did any exercise. Needless to say, we made it and I actually felt good today! Thankful for my car and amazed at how spoiled we get. I'm sure we'll do it again, or maybe we'll head to Target next.
Should be getting something official next week. Not holding my breath, but looking forward to good news.

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