Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Field trip flub-up

We have had some fabulous field trips while we've been homeschooling. Today, however, was NOT one of them! We found out there was going to be an exhibit called "Genesis" at the Jewish museum through the end of January. When I went online it said Feb. 8th, instead. Of course, we had to make this one of our trips. I was excited to go because I've enjoyed reading about Jewish culture for many years and Buddy had actually helped complete the building. So this morning, the Urbans and we loaded up and went to town for this fabulous field trip. It was supposed to be in the 50's today, so it was perfect! Not so. 33 was the highest I saw. We were cold, went to the wrong building, got to the right one and found out the exhibit had been packed up- yesterday!
The receptionist was really helpful and gave us alternatives for future exhibits and encouraged us to we watch Anne Frank movies and read the book. They do have a Holacaust exhibit that is permanent that I'd like to see, but was only 6th grade and up. I can't imagine trying to explain the true horrors of that to Catherine.
We took time to look through one of the books of this artist's works, which my kids said they learned nothing at the end of that time (I knew Charissa would be better at discussing the arts!) and went home. They did have 3 beautiful stained glass windows from a synagogue in Houston, as well as the star of David lighting from there. Looking forward to making it to some of the other exhibits in the future.


Charissa said...

I personally thought it was neat, the very little we saw. Didn't realize how much I don't know about Jewish history and culture. I did ask Jude what he thought about the art book and he said, "Well it was pretty boring." HA. At least I can feel good about teaching him to be honest.

Delahne said...

Glad you felt good about it. I think what we would have seen would be totally different from the post-holocaust book. We should go back sometime.