Wednesday, February 4, 2009

random tidbits

I hope everyone knows it was ME who made the mix up yesterday, not anything bad about the museum. I don't know anything about surrealistic art and should have called before we went.

The funniest thing about the field trip flub up was Samuel. Before we went, I told him he needed to comb his hair again and use some water- it was sticking up. His hair and Caleb's are much the same- lots of body and cowlicks! He had a solution- he'd just cut off the part that was sticking up. Only he slipped and about scalped himself! There is now a patch about an inch square with hair about 1/8 inch long! Good thing it's mostly covered by the rest of the hair around it!

Caleb is having fun with hats lately. last week, Buddy had a stocking hat on that Caleb wanted. Buddy put it on him, him down and C walked around so pleased with himself. If you took it off, he sat down. Put it on, he got up and pranced around. Monday and yesterday, he was putting things on his head- one of Catherine's bows and different hats. I took him to the mirror and he touched his own head while looking in the mirror, not touched the mirror. I know that's a milestone somewhere! He rarely crawls anymore. The last time he did, Catherine said he was taking a lesson from Ava!

I had a dream last night that Hannah came by herself to our house. She wasn't talking in 2-3 word sentences, it was full blown English! Buddy reminded us all last night of the story in the Bible of Joseph. It seemed everything was going against him. He held onto the dream God gave and in the right time, he was set up for an awesome role. In one day, his entire situation changed. Good story to remember. (I still like Hannah just showing up, though!)

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