Monday, February 16, 2009

Two really funny Caleb stories for you.
I'd introduced him to the potty seat just so he'd get used to it. It has this little ring that you can use to hang it on the wall so it's handy when you need it. (We tried a little potty for the older 2, but it took up room and I really disliked having to dump the contents.) Caleb has taken the seat, used the ring to put it on his arm like a purse and walke around, pleased as can be! Well, one night before bath, I put him on the potty and he was fine. I took him off and went to check the water for the tub. When I turned around, there was a nice little pile in front of the potty. Do you cheer for that? Then, I needed to take a shower and he needed to be cleaned up, so I put him on the potty in the kids' bathroom and brought him into ours for the shower. He kept looking down (he was naked) at himself, but went on playing. He sat down on the floor and when I turned back from getting the shower ready, there was a little puddle. There's a pattern here, I think. Don't look away!
Second, on occassion, I'll grab a stray sock to wipe his nose if no tissue is handy. Yesterday we were reading as a family about Ethan Allen. Caleb grabbed a mismatched sock and blew like a champ. Funny thing, he kept it up and really needed to blow!

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