Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Got to make another OKC run yesterday. When I spoke with Robin that am, they needed new documents today! At first I was going to take all 3 kids and then thought I'd call on the mercies of a friend. Boy, do I owe you, Charissa! She kept S&C and I took Caleb with me. Little did I know, there were a huge number of homeschool families at the capitol today as a kind reminder that a bill being introduced which would make homeschooling nearly impossible in OK, was a bad idea. I got to see so many big families-4-7 children. I also met 2 families who'd adopted in the past year and got to share stories. I got to meet a little boy named Samuel who wanted to see pics. of my Samuel and then I had to take one of him to show mine. then his sister wanted me to take one of herself and her best friend. Great way to spend the waiting time!

After a small mishap, we were able to complete what we needed. My notary's insurance agent forgot to send in their renewal on their bond. Oops! I found a bank nearby and the lady who helped me was adopted.

Caleb did really well in the car and got to try out Hannah's car seat. We'd taken both Buddy's truck and our van, which we'd intended to donate to the car wash so we could get them both shiney at once. Monday when Buddy went to work, the car seat was still in there. I'm so thankful we had Hannah's. I'm pleased with my purchase. It'll give her lots of room to grow into and was perfect for napping in the car.

We gave our van today to a great ministry in town. We're not sure if they'll use it for ministry use or give it to an individual. Either way, we trust it will be a blessing, and know that God will bring it back to us when we buy our growing family vehicle.

Much progress was made on taxes today. Not sure if I can squeeze all the remaining work left in and get an appointment before my accountant heads out of town again. How much stress do I want to put myself under right now? If only we had that very special travel date, I could feel like I'm in control and can plan my life! Ah, but that's right! I'm not supposed to be in control, it's called faith. We do believe we're seeing some of the mystery unfolding. Can't wait to tell the whole story when it's all done!

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