Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some happy, fun tid bits to catch up.
Caleb had a shorter nap Friday at Charissa's while her mom watched the youngest 3 so we could take the older kids to go see the Tulsa Historical Society. He was pretty happy for the most part after he woke up, but after eating some really rich chocolate cake I made for our Valentine's party, he was done for the day! I put him down at 5:30, thinking he'd maybe play for a bit quietly or take a short nap. However, he slept until 8:30! I got him up, changed his diaper, put him in jammies, tried to feed him, which he wanted no part of, and put him back down within an hour. Amazingly, he slept until 7:15 the next day!
Saturday while I worked on taxes, Buddy took the kids to the museum to do some crafts, do a few errands for himself, then home. It was so nice to be able to concentrate on work and not have to stop for much of a lunch! After lunch, everyone else napped and I was able to get the majority of the taxes done, which is such a blessing. Just a few more hours and I should have it licked.
Then after dinner, we took Caleb to a friend's for the evening and took S & C to the ORU homecoming game. I only saw 3 people I knew, but we had a very nice time. We were in the balcony, so all the freebies that were thrown out were too far down. Very disappointing to the kids, but ok with me to not have any more items to contend with! Buddy did get us a dozen roses for Valentine's- shared among the 4 of us, and cards for all who could read. I had left him a message not to bother- I know everything is 50% the day after and it has been challenging in the past for him to think up something to do. It was sweet of him to ignore me.
The day after Valentine's is such an awesome day to shop! I went to Walmart to get a few groceries and ended up getting some great things for our V. Day party next year. I also found a little fondue set for $5! I quickly added strawberries to the cart and headed home. The kids were thrilled and had a bit of a time staying focused on dinner. We had strawberries, bananas and grapes dipped in melted carob chips. Mmmm! Caleb decided the best part was the chocolate on the strawberry and sucked it off thoroughly, but left the strawberry!
Catherine has been practicing her leaps for ballet and has really improved. Tonight she was also doing "bird flapping" as she ran around the living room. Much more interested in her leaping than in our game of Uno!
Samuel asked to take a bath with Caleb tonight. I don't usually let him because he takes up so much of the tub and is so much bigger than C, but tonight, I did. I was showing C how to pour water on S's head to rinse it. He very methodically put the cup in the water and tapped it on S's head. No water in it, just the tapping. He did it over and over with S being totally patient with him. S and Buddy got to play some chess and checkers today. It's rare that they do and was a really fun thing for both.
We've been going to this new church for about 1.5 months and really enjoy it. They have a carousel which we've never gone to see. After the kids asking every week, we finally went today. At first, Caleb wasn't sure. By the end, he cried when I took him off. They all enjoyed it so much, I'm sure we'll be doing it many more times.
I'm debating on switching to a 4 day school week. Although the kids are doing well, I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything I'm trying to do for taxes, school, work, house, adoption. Buddy suggested it today and it sounds like a great idea. Or maybe the 5th day could be flashcards, music, art, fun things like that. It'll work out.
Looking forward to a great week this week. Hope you have one, too.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sounds like you guys had a great weekend. For histroy class i had to get cought up on past history and i just read a story that i think your kiddos might like. Here Name is "Helen Keller" Back in the late 1800's she over came great things. She learned how to read and write while be deaf and blind. Great story.

On a side note where are yall going to church at now? I kinda have a prise report, sience i got baptized a few weeks ago at church i was albe to get mom and dad to go and watch it. And what do you know the lord is so great and they ended up loving the church and they also went this past weekend with use with plans on going again. I just love the lord and how our church moved them to want to come back. :-) Well have a great week. Amanda M.