Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mean spirited kids

How do you deal with neighbor kids who call your son a wimp, tell him he has no friends and to go home? Do you let your kids keep playing with the kid who who says your daughter is annoying, even though she comes to see if they can play, you feed her, include her in fun activities, and let her play for hours on end?
I felt like I handled the moment well, but it sure did irritate me and I'm feeling bad for my kids and wonder what to do next time she comes around to play. We've already had the talk that if she can't treat them nicely and only wants to play when there's no one else, that's not going to cut it. Growing pains!
Thankful there are other children we can go visit.


Charissa said...

You do like us and move to the country and only invite nice people to come visit you!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem before we moved. I spoke to the boys and it only helped for a little while. So I told my son he couldn't play with them for a month and it was time for my son to have more play dates with his other friends. I didn't want my son to think that it was okay for his friends to be mean to him or anyone else.

Christine said...

This is your opportunity to shine and speak boldly and honestly about their behavior. I would let them know that what they are saying isn't nice and I would also let them know that if they keep saying those things you will be having your kids take a break from them for awhile. I would also ask them how it can possibly make them feel good saying those things. It really should help--- it did for us.