Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Sometimes you need to stop the distractions and pay attention to what really matters.
Yesterday, after working on taxes for another 2.5 hours Friday evening and Sat. am, Buddy and I got to go the accountants. Only to find out they did not have us down for that day. Not sure what could have been the problem, we waited for a bit and then got started with someone else. Fortunately, the person we wanted to see finished his appt. early and the next appt. got lost. We fit right in that spot! I know I wrote it somewhere, but not sure where, but the written down info and my perfectly capable memory were not in tune! God is merciful and it worked. We were able to get some back and have several places it would work nicely!
Last night Buddy and I had a couch date and watched Fireproof. We'd been waiting on Netflix for a while and finally got it! After Caleb being up about 2 hours during the night, the stress of taxes, I was going to go to bed part way throught and get a good night's sleep. Our clock chimes hourly, so I knew when I planned to go to bed. The only time I heard it was right before the end, an hour past when I'd planned to leave. Oh my, does that movie make you think! Of course, we're devoted to each other and would never think of leaving or of cheating on each other. In the meantime, how are you loving each other? Good food for thought that will make us think for a while. I'd like to find that 40 day love dare and do it myself, just because, without wondering if he's going to do it for me.
We went to bed and I was so thankful to get a good night's sleep, but was concerned that we had slept too late and had missed church. See, I knew Daylight Saving's Time started early in March and I didn't want to mess up like we did in the fall. Buddy and Samuel went last night, so I felt ok about having some family time. We had such a nice morning together, got a few much needed house projects done, Caleb had a good nap, I got all the clocks to the right time, and was thinking about running an errand. I called one of my friends who has a spec house on the market and they do open houses every weekend. I wanted to run by wand wondered if she was leaving right at 4 pm. Yes, but it's only 2:50. Did she forget to change her clock? I finally looked on the calendar and found out it's NEXT weekend! Wow! so for the next week, we're just going to deal with all the clocks except Buddy's alarm clock an hour ahead. Wonder how we'll do.
By the way, we'll watch online tonight's service.


Kristi said...

Hey - we just saw Fireproof too. It is pretty cool and gets you thinking. Did you watch Fireproof in 60 seconds? We found it hilarious! We continue to pray with many others joining us about all the adoption details that God is holding right in his loving hands.

Delahne said...

What's Fireproof in 60 seconds? Guess we missed that one. Maybe we'll have to get it back from Charissa and watch the extras.