Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winter in Spring

Remember this post? It was time to revisit it yesterday. I was in Walmart for less than an hour and had at least 1.5 inches on my car. I got home and we spent the next few hours doing chores in the house, enjoying leisure time reading together. We also watched a video on art projects and took time to try our hand at oil pastels. Daddy's was the best, but we all gave it a good try.
Here are some scenes from the snow storm. We got at least 6 inches over the course of 8 hours. Was I glad I picked up those clearanced boots for Catherine!I gave Caleb a sled ride, but he was tipping off to the side most of it and didn't enjoy it took much. I tried to help him walk around in the snow. Before too long, I looked down and saw his boot was mostly off his foot. I took him in because it was such a wet snow and he was getting soaked. He cried. Silly me to think that warm and dry was better than wet and cold!
Today, since the roads are icy, we are watching church online. Before it starts, Buddy went out to help the snow man project that was stopped for a birthday get together last night. Samuel wanted to make the world's biggest snowman. However, the 2nd ball was too heavy for Buddy to get up on the top, so today they are working on the finished project.

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