Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shamefully, I have delayed posting pics for too long. After Samuel's soccer game last weekend, we dropped like flies, except Buddy, praise the Lord! So, this week has been a process of recovering strength and pics took too much effort. However, I'm back to post and share the 1st game tale. The pics are from the video camera, so not too great. I haven't found a replacement for ours, but believe we'll have one before travel time!

It was chilly, but we bundled up and out we went. Samuel was so excited about the whole thing, pleased to have his ball, but we didn't get the message to go to the Y to get his uniform shirt. The other team was white and he had a light grey sweat shirt, which caused some confusion during the game. He did get to kick the ball and was aggressive at times, but was confused about what to do when he was defending the goal. I'm sure after practice this past week, more next week, and time with friends playing soccer, he'll be ready for next weekend's game.
We spent the week doing a bit of school each day to get it done- travel time in mind. Mom came over Wednesday to see first hand what a day of school was like. No one was up to par yet, but we tried to give her a good show! The kids actually did well.
Caleb really likes hats a lot. Anything can become a hat. Wish I had a pic of the diaper hat, the little afghan hat, and others. He also found Catherine's sunglasses and had great fun with them.
Another thing he really likes is to be sit right in the corner of the love seat or couch and look at a book. This one is his favorite- animal pictures we do signs to.
Samuel and Catherine never tire of Veggie Tales, Hermie and Friends, Gospel Bill and Super Kid's movies, no matter how many times they've seen them. Yes, they do seem a little too old for Veggies Tales, but if you could hear Samuel's giggle while he's watching, you'd want to bottle it up and take it home, it's so sweet. I appreciate their innocence and easily entertained attitudes.

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Christine said...

Greta pics! A few of my kids went throug a veggistales stage.