Monday, April 14, 2008

Ta Da! for the To-do's

Today's list of to-do's and results
-Take the kids to school, feed Caleb, shower- smell a lot better =)
-Take C. to pediatrician for reweigh - he gained 1 1/2 lbs in a month!
-Nap for C
-Call SOS about last documents- mailed the 10th
-Call Hopscotch to see if they arrived- nothing yet
-Email USCIS to see about appt.- May 8th!!!!
-Call about swim lessons- info is being sent in the mail. They have a mommy and me class, too, so I can do all lessons at one time, provided we're still in the country. I'll have to ask mom how she feels about lessons with Caleb!
-Place ads in the papers about the garage sale- big, highlighted ad to be in Fri and Sat.
-Sort laundry- sorted, not started
-Feed C-he likes pears and blueberries very much!
-Lab for C to recheck his blood work- ouch! Sweet thing, he was fine until after they stuck him and started working to find the vein that was obliterated by hyperextending his arm!!! He was smiling by the time we left. Missed a nap, which is not nice for C.
-Call Buddy to rejoice about good news day- he was pretty excited, mostly about Caleb
-Pick up the kids-lots of good news about standarized testing, What's for snack?
-Go to the chiro for a much need adjustment- got my first "Don't get pregnant now" comment "5 is a lot!" I wanted to tell her about Christine happily welcoming #11!
-Go to a neighbor's house to pick up 2 loads of garage sale goodies-I think I undid a bit of the good I got earlier. Oops! Our garage is getting a litte tight, which I'm happy about.

The rest of the evening was snacks, dinner, feeding Caleb, playing football and swinging with the kids in the beautiful weather. Buddy stayed close to work tonight since he worked til almost 9 and has an hour commute! Then I decided to glaze more of the bead board, so I'm 2/3 of the way done and I really like it! I needed to be making a desert, but had no ideas, so glazing sounded like more fun!

I've seen other moms wearing slings and keeping their kids close, but had never done that. However, #3 has brought a lot of 1sts! Last night after visiting neighbors, we went to WalMart to do weekly grocery shopping, came home to VERY hungry kids, groceries to put away, dinner to cook, and a hungry baby. So, I put groceries away and cooked with Caleb in a front carrier. It was tricky dicing tomatoes when he's getting so curious and reaching for everything! He was totally content, though, so it worked well.

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