Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting ready for Hannah

Catherine continues to pray that Hannah come home quick, that she be strong and healthy. This week she has been telling me she wants Hannah to have things. I asked if she wanted to send them with us when we go get her. She decided she wanted them to be waiting when H got here. She got out a gift bag, complete with tissue paper, and put it up in her closet, or so I thought. The picture shows it all. (I don't know how to switch the orientation of the picture.)

Some sights from Hannah's country I found this morning. It looks so beautiful. I'm hopeful to capture quite a bit in video and pictures for her while we're there.

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Anna Torres said...

I love your blog! Try right-clicking on the photo before you post it--there should be a "rotate clock-wise" option. The photo will rotate in your file, and then you can post it. Prayers for Hannah.