Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our first garage sale contributions came today! One of the moms from Catherine's class brought some things, as well as an idea. We're going to see if the kindergarteners can bring change to school to buy things for the other children still waiting for families! Great idea! I left a message for the assistant principle, so hopefully we'll hear something soon.

Sad to say, but I know the SOS's phone # by memory! I called them today to see if our last documents had made it there yet. Wait for a transfer, leave a message, wait for a call back. Oh well. Patience is a virtue! I'd like to check with DHS to see if our HS arrived, but I'll hang out for that, too.

We've know about Hannah since the end of January and have gotten updated pictures 2 or 3 times now. Funny to be wishing I could see what she's doing today. I bought her more pony tail holders today. I saw some really cute barettes, but it looks like her hair is pretty thick, so I'll wait to see. That will be something I haven't had to deal with, except for the boys (Buddy and Samuel!) Catherine doesn't care as long as we let her hair grow long. At first I told Catherine she could share the hair things with Hannah, but she decided she would let Hannah have them all.

Caleb is getting so much stronger with sitting up. He can sit in my lap with no support, I think it's having his legs straight out in front of him that is causing a little delay. Life is good on mommy's lap!

Tonight I should be in Atlanta at a training conference for my business. I originally "paid" for it with points I'd earned. Then our life direction changed and I felt like I shouldn't go. Of course, I was thinking about the other expenses of the trip and hoping there would be something that I would be needed for in the adoption department, but now I know! After the MANY cancellations, I could have been stranded in an airport with no connecting flight! God is good and He certainly knows what's coming up. I'm thankful.

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