Friday, March 7, 2008

Moving right along

We had a bit of a flurry of activity this week. On Wednesday, Mary from Hopscotch called to ask me to overnight our partial dossier and payment. I was totally surprised, thinking we had until after our homestudy is done to have that in. So it was aquick trip to Fed Ex and the bank so I could wire the $, a first for me. Thursday I got an email that the partial dossier was on its way over! Sunday is our 2nd HS visit, which should be the last then we'll wait to hear about background checks. After that the full dossier goes over and we wait for the official referral. Woo Hoo!

One of the other families from the yahoo group (G.A.) is over getting their child. I'm hearing a lot of interesting stories about culture, travel and food. It'll be great to see it for myself.

We're still seeing how God is going before us and making the path smooth for us. Favor on every turn! Nothing is going to stop us, but this will bring Him glory.

I read one of the adoption books to Catherine's class today- "Borya and the Burps." I explained to the kids that life is not so grand in an orphanage and that we would be taking things when we go. Bless Mrs. Skalnik's heart- she asked if she could send a letter home to the parents explaining what we're doing and letting them know about the needs so they can contribute. Wow! She's been so sweet and excited for us. We have such a great school!

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Charissa said...

What a great class project. How fun.