Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Monday!

I've been catching up this morning after a weekend spending time as a family in Branson. My parent shared our cabin and were a blessing to be with. Caleb thoroughly enjoyed Silver Dollar City! My camera battery died, so no great pictures to share. =(

While we were there, we got to celebrate Resurrection Sunday at our church away from home. It's so wonderful to know that Jesus is no longer on the cross or in the tomb. He's seated at the right hand of the Father- victorious, and because He lives, we have victory, too! We have a Helper, we have Hope, we have Provision for everything we need. Makes me want to cry to think of His goodness toward us. Oh, what a privalege having been adopted by the King!

Laundry has been more of a chore lately with 5 to wash for. Knowing # 6 is on the way has helped us realize our faithful washer and dryer need to be passed on to someone else who can be blessed with it. Ever since I heard about front loading w&d's, I've wanted one. It's been on my "vision list" for a few years. Well, today Buddy told me one of our friends is giving us about 1/2 what a new set will cost! Ok, the tears keep coming seeing God's blessings. It's kind of like- ok, Lord, what are you going to do today? Something GOOD is going to happen today! (Did I mention I'm an ORU alum?) But it's true, He keeps showing up for us.

I emailed OKDHS adoption division to see if we could get the ball rolling on our fingerprinting appt. However, they MUST have the homestudy in hand to set the appt. I'm really hopeful that will be this week. As things have progressed on this whole adoption, it'll go through quickly.

The kids were ready to go back to school. Catherine had learned 3 new sight word lists, which is about 36 new words, during spring break. Samuel just hung out and enjoyed reading for Game cube time. They both had a blast on the new swing set, even without the slide on yet! Caleb got the pleasure of green beans and avacados (thanks Denise for that tip). This morning he rolled from back to front, to back, to front. Which means we're really going to have to keep an eye on him!

Another family who are adopting from the same country are going back on Saturday. I'm thrilled to be able to send some things to Hannah! It has to be small and light. Hmmm. I'll have to be thinking and acting in a hurry! Thanks for being willing, Martha. You're a blessing.


Charissa said...

Was Silver Dollar City packed? We considered going but went to Dallas instead. Everything was still packed but we didn't even attempt Six Flags (Although our hotel happened to be across the street, and it was fun explaining to the kids that it happened that way by sheer accident). I'm glad you're blogging. It's fun to have a little peek into your world.

spahrfamily said...

I am so happy to be be able to take something to Hannah. I remember how much better it made me to feel to know that someone was going to take something to Luka. It doesn't have to be terribly small and light, just no bowling balls or trampolines. :-)

Devona said...

It looks like you guys enjoyed your time in Branson! It's a great place especially with all the Branson attractions for the little ones.