Saturday, March 29, 2008

It is finished! (almost)

We got news today that our CANIS report is in and our home study will be sent to our agency Monday!!! Now we can get our fingerprinting appt. done and get our dossier complete!!! Oh, how exciting! My parents came over to celebrate dad's 60th bday and we FINALLY got a family picture! Amazing how complicated that can be! When we sent pics to Hannah, we had not had one of Buddy and I since I was 8 months pregnant or all 5 of us since Caleb was 3 months.

Our car is up for sale, now, as a 5 passenger vehicle will not be sufficient! They don't look kindly on kids hanging out in the cargo area or on the luggage rack. Just teasing. Off to minivan land for me! We believe, as everything has for this journey, that it will be quickly sold so we can be ready for Hannah.

We're contemplating a garage sale to raise money. My hesitation is that we have never had a successful one and have given a lot of things away recently. So we're open to donations! We'll have to do it soon, so we'll be praying about when to do it.

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