Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yesterday Samuel went with Buddy to visit a guy Buddy used to work with. While there, Samuel aquired some scraps of granite that have rubies in them. Well, the treasure hunt was on! He spent quite a bit of time out on the porch pounding away to find jewels. He hardly wanted to come in for dinner, wolfed it down and was back out to discover more. Then he got out his mini microscope for a closer look. Sadly, he gave one to Catherine who let me have a look. It was about the size of a pin head and as I moved my hand around to look at different sizes, it rolled off my hand, never to be found again! First thing this morning, before he got dressed, he was outside pounding again. We had popsicles after dinner- Catherine kindly shared with Caleb.

I had just taken off Caleb's diaper, with the clean one there, ready to go so I could get him in his jammies. Off he went, turned over and got on all 4's!

I'm so excited to have caught his "mama" on video! Unfortunately, I'm having trouble getting it to upload!

He has a little toy that sings and shoots balls up, which he really likes. He can get one ball in each hand and then has tried to get a 3rd one with his mouth. Very funny, but not caught on video.

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