Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Reunion

We had such a good weekend! (Yes, I know it's Tuesday.) Friday we got to spend time with my mom's sister and husband. They were in Branson for a week and then came to spend a day and a half with mom and dad. They hadn't seen Caleb yet. He took to Randy and really enjoyed being with him. Saturday, we went to a pool with Catherine's friend and her family, then met mom, dad, Elaine and Randy at church that night. Sunday we got to sleep in a bit and then went to Charissa's house and met with our friend from nursing school, Kristi and her kids. Charissa and I gave our first bed baths together. Kristi was working at a hospital while we were in school and was so "together" and knew what she was doing with care plans and meds. Kind of intimidating. In spite of Kristi's 14 moves, she still comes back each summer and we get to watch how our families grow. Last summer, we had 9 kids between the 3 of us and Charissa let us know of their plans to adopt from Ukraine. I was pregnant with Caleb and hadn't even dreamed of Hannah. I was hoping to make it 12 kids this year, but, we'll save that for next year and hope to have 13 or more (hint, hint Kristi!)
Jude, Simeon, Samuel, Tim, Chris, Kelsie, Ava, Leisel, Catherine, Caleb and Hope. Here's the first picture I have of kids together- Samuel, Kelsie holding Tim, and Chris. I think that was about 7 years ago. How time flies!

Buddy wasn't sure if he wanted to come to a ladies' thing, but got to spend time with John and was glad he'd come along. We're hopeful Charissa and John will find a house near us so we can more conveniently get together more often!
Thanks, Charissa for posting first so I could swipe the pictures! My camera battery was dead and I was dependent on her.

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