Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer days

Amid much crying, I took Catherine home from my parents' Sunday night. She had such a full day of church, swimming, and then fun with her cousins and was exhausted. Grandma promised to bring the cousins over Monday to play, so that made things a little better.

Monday was FUN! They got here around 10 am and didn't leave until about 2:45. Guess where they spent 90% of their time together? In the pool! They had a pizza picnic in the backyard and went back in the pool as soon as they were done eating! They are turning into quite the little brown berries! Catherine took a 2 hour nap after they were gone, she was so worn out!

A much quieter day today with great anticipation for Friday when we will head out to our favorite place to spend the weekend with Grandpa, Grandma, Gabriel and Alex. We'll see what fun we can have tearing up the City, Silver Dollar City, that is!!!

It was time for haircuts today. Samuel has changed mind about a buzz and wanted it longer, that is, until we got to Ms Nikki's and he was back to wanting it short. We only trim what we have to off Catherine's ends so it can keep growing long and beautiful. I gave her mostly free reign with mine, just don't cut above my shoulders. What would I do if I couldn't have a pony tail? Now, if only she'd come fix it so nicely every day! I need to take a picture because it'll be this way until I go to bed and never look the same again!

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