Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In March, we went to Branson (surprise, surprise) for Resurrection Sunday. At the church there, they have what they call Celebration Sunday where you bring things you'd like to give to bless others and during the day, you get to "give and receive" anything you want. Samuel had it in his heart to give his bike away. He really liked his bike a lot, but figured someone would be really blessed if he gave it away. While we were there, we saw the little boy who got it pushing it out to the parking lot. That really touched Samuel and we were all excited about it. So, in the mean time, he's been believing that God would bring a bike back, somehow, to bless him in return. Monday, we got an envelope in the mail that was for him, but we had some things to take care of and I left it for Tuesday. Well, inside the envelope was a sweet letter and a gift card to WalMart! He knew exactly what he wanted and could hardly wait to go get it. Buddy had the truck, so I couldn't do anything for him. He was so excited and had to call Daddy and Grandma to share the awesome news! God is so good and he was as thankful as could be. So, yesterday the kids put their Food Network watching to good use and prepared dinner for us again (at 4pm) so we would be ready to go. The menu was: potato chips, frozen fruit salad, soup for 3 (with the broth drained and water added back to it, they'd make more for daddy when he got home) artichoke hearts, and that was about it. They got the crystal goblets out for our water, complete with ice cubes and lemon juice all around.
So, Buddy walked in the door and had basicaly enough time for me to make a smoothie for him and off they went. Catherine decided to ditch the training wheels and get a kick stand and streamers for her bike.
It was over 1 1/2 hours before they got home! An exciting and prayful decision to get just the right one and it's a beauty!
Our neighbor girl Katie came over while they were gone and waited with me, then helped Catherine ride in freedom. By the time it was time for bed, Catherine had decided walking her bike or running were preferable to riding! But Buddy worked with her and I will do more today. They're growing up!

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Charissa said...

What a wonderful outcome! Great bike, Samuel!