Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swim lessons

In the mornings Samuel and Catherine have been playing a fun game- Polly Pocket/Legos. Sometimes Littlest Pet shop/Legos. They even play Polly Pocket/Littlest Pet Shop/Legos. This way they get to play together, play what each one likes and not have to given in too much to what the other one wants. All the while trying to keep Caleb out of the mix!

We started swim lessons again Monday. This time Samuel and Catherine are in the same class. Samuel got to demonstrate "front crawl" for the class! Catherine got to try diving off the side for the first time. Both do an excellent job on the back stroke and are showimg improvement everyday. They have so much fun and are asking how many more days of lessons. Unfortunately, our pool has stinky water that I'm trying to solve, so they can't swim at home for the next day or so.

This morning, Caleb pulled up to standing in his crib! I've been showing him for the past few days how to hold the rail and stand. This morning I put one hand on the rail and he did the rest all by himself! Now the mixed emotions- he's growing and learning and it won't be long 'til he's walking, and the- oh my! it won't be long 'til he's walking! He charms all the moms and kids at swim lessons and seems content to just watch from the sidelines this time. I certainly don't mind not freezing.;o)

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