Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catching up on the last week

How the week flies by when you leave your camera various places and don't want to post without the pics to go with your post!

So, quick recap of our past week.

Last Thursday, after we finished the kids' school work, I went out and planted some jasmine plants on the west side of our house. I rarely go over there and hope they are hearty! Samuel wanted to check to see if the neighbor's grandson Skylar was there, so off they went an ddidn't come back for a while. After I finished up, Katie came over to see if the kids could play. I told her where they were, she disappeared shortly and then returned with Catherine. The neighbor decided it should be boys there, girls here. Good idea. They play so nicely together! Samuel came home for lunch, Katie stayed and ate lunch with us. After lunch, Samuel got Skylar and brought him back. The girls helped me bake cookies and the boys played Legos, imagine that! Buddy came home and Katie stayed for dinner. Finally, I sent her home around 7 pm after about 9 hours at our house! She behaves very nicely and enjoys being here.

Friday close to noon we took off for Branson. Mom and Dad brought our neice and nephew Gabriel and Alex along and we all stayed in the same cabin. Oh my, what a fun time they had! We got there in time to play in the pool before taking off for church. The boys got to sleep in the loft the first night and the girls were on the floor in the living room. I'm amazed they slept at all, but they did. We spent from 10 to almost 5 on Saturday at SDC. Buddy had a friend (Gabriel) for the more exciting rides and mom and I got to go on a few together. We all enjoyed ourselves a bunch and wish we could do it again with the 4 older kids.
Sunday after church we came back home and got here at a nice time where we could all rest before dinner. Nice to be back in your own bed, but feel it would be ok to go back the next weekend!
Monday Samuel started space camp at the air and space museum here in Tulsa. He did it last year and had such a good time, that he wanted to go again. This year it's aeronautics and they're building an airplane they'll launch tomorrow morning. His friend Zach is in the same class, so they're having a good time. Catherine and her friend Courtney are at Miss Manners Camp at the University of Tulsa. Funny thing is, when I asked her what she learned the first day, she said "nothing, but we made crafts, had lunch and recess and watched part of a movie." About 2 hours after we got home she told me they learned not to talk with their mouths full our drink with food in their mouths. I'm enjoying carpooling.

Tuesday mom came over before I picked up Catherine and stayed the night with C&S and Caleb and I went to Tahlequah where Buddy works to spend the night with our friends Chad and Heather. Caleb did great and we had good food and fellowship. I got to take my time in the morning and not hurry to get anyone anywhere or fix breakfast. Wow, it's been a while! As I drove to T, I passed where I blew the tire a few weeks ago. It's now down to a one lane road. I was so thankful that was not the case when it happened. How dangerous that would have been! Caleb and I stopped for a quick visit at mom and dad's on the way home. It's fun seeing them so often. Sadly, mom will soon be back at work and our day time visits will come to an end.

Today Caleb and I went into town after dropping the kids with their various rides. He slept on the way in and home! Very nice. Katie came over after we got home and since there was noone to play with, she stayed with me while I took care of Caleb and had my lunch. She helped me bake some muffins and just talked and talked. Of course, she's really looking forward to Catherine being home, but she still was glad to be here. I'm amazed at how fast the week has gone! Tomorrow will be their last day of campsuntil next summer. By then Samuel may want to go to an overnight camp and hopefully I'll be ready to let him!

On the adoption front, I did find out that Robin from Hopscotch is over in Georgia, or at least she was earlier this week. We believe we'll be hearing something good because of her visit.

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