Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just got an email from another mom adopting from ROG. Although we submitted our I600-A MONTHS before the cut off to change to the I800-A (just forms for visa clearance for our adopted child) they stopped processing the I600-A's! I'm so thankful Robin is there to set things straight. So, another answer to why things so abruptly stopped for us.

Looking back, we see this is an answers to prayers. We had been praying that whatever the hold up was, it would be taken care of. When we found out Robin had gone there, I must admit, we were saddened that we didn't know and hadn't had a chance to even ask if we could send something with her. In spite of that, she was our answer to prayer! God was working even though we didn't know it, just like always.


spahrfamily said...

Waiting anxiously for you guys to bring her home. We still talk about her from when we met her on our visit. She is precious and I promise love at first site (though I know you already have that)!
Please keep the updates coming and let us know when we can drive up to OK to meet you guys and see little Hannah again. We are in Dallas/Fort Worth. :-)
Martha (adopted Luka from ROG)

Sarah said...

I remember Hannah Joy from the Reece's Rainbow waiting child page! We're hoping to adopt from ROG through Hopscotch. If all goes well, we should get to start paperwork next year. Love your blog. Can't wait for you to get your little girl home!