Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We had such nice weather over the weekend! We decided to go to the park and try out the kites. However, it was REALLY windy, and Caleb wanted to fly , Samuel's. Sadly, the handle broke for me, and there wasn't really anything to hold onto while the string wanted to keep unwinding. The first time it flew over the fence, Samuel was able to climb over and get it. The second time, the kite went into a backyard- 3 houses from the park. We really had a nice time in spite of it, and were able to retrieve the kite. The kind people put it in front of their garage and secured it with some rocks. We saw a lady who had come by our 1st garage sale, way back in 2009! It was fun to fill her in on what has happened. She was so happy to see Hannah in the flesh! Monday was our last day at CC, which was really sad for us! We enjoy our group so much and look forward to it. It helps us keep our focus in schooling. Although we'll still get together, it's just not the same as having the whole day Monday together. Both Catherine and Samuel tested for memory master, which is when a student can recite all the "pegs" of information they've learned over the school year, which ends up being somewhere around 500 facts. I was happy to see how well they both did. We have one more week before our final testing, so we'll have to get cracking. As promised, we stayed after to play and didn't get home until when I normally would have put the little ones to bed. Fun times, but a little messy with tears (Caleb) when we got home. This morning, I had the IEP for Hannah. The ladies were all very sweet, and I look forward to the benefits she'll receive working with them. H will end up being in regular Kindergarten for about 40% of the day, and in her special class for the rest. I'm sure she'll have fun and make even greater leaps. Amazingly, she'll start in the morning! In a while she'll have the bus coming to pick her up at the house, but for now I'll take her. Fortunately, she'll have 2 familiar faces in her class, since 2 of the Urbans are in the same class. Now, to get her school things. What's kind of funny is that I dread having to get up and plan lunches and have ourselves decent by 8:15! We'll still take her to her therapies twice a week, so she'll miss some school, but it'll be ok. I made an appointment for her to get some orthodics while we're working with her feet so she can have better shoes. She drags her feet a lot and wears out her shoes quickly. We have an appointment coming up soon, so I'm looking forward to what they can come up with. Dance and scouts tonight, then staying home tomorrow! Looking forward to that very much.

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Leslie said...

Oh wow! Hannah will have such a great time in school. She always seems to have such a great attitude about everything.
Monday was a LONG day...glad you all survived. We got home and I was ready for bed - haha.