Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday sneaks up on my so quickly sometimes! Blink and the week's gone. This week we had S & H's Dr's appointments. S, so he can go on scouting trips, and H, for an orthodics referral. We're looking for some shoes that will support her feet, cushion them, and allow for continued movement as they loosen up, which they are. We have our appointment with them in 2 weeks. I'm excited to see what they can come up with. H started riding the bus Thursday. It's pretty fun to watch her get on, but it's about 15-20 minutes earlier that we would normally leave the house, and the times are different on different days! We'll get it down. Thursday was therapy, so no bus ride home. Friday, she got home at almost 4:30. It took her a bit to recognize me, but she got really excited once she did. She wasn't home long and off we went to our closing ceremony for CC. School is not out for the summer, but we're done with CC, so they got to do a song and history sentence for family and friends. This morning we took S to a scouting job- he gets to work at a dog show and earn money toward scouting equiptment. Very exciting. He will be in for a long day, but it should be a good experience for them. Meanwhile, it's off to dance and then a nice relaxing day at home for the the rest of us. There are a few cleaning moments we could/should have, but that won't take long. By the way, our great little peat pots were left out last night (my fault) in the cold weather. Some parts aren't looking very good right now. The troopers are the peas, apple trees, and tomatoes. We shall see what survival of the fittest 2011 end up like!

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