Monday, April 18, 2011

This is a rare smile from S. I really enjoyed seeing it. They both look so big!
From our kite flying adventure, just before the kite took off for other destinations.
This is typical C- always on the go! H can handle some jumping now when she's on the trampoline.
H is done, and C is still going!
Look who got out! We came home from church and little guy getting busy exploring the outside world. He gave S quite a chase and didn't want to go back home.

This morning I grabbed my camera so I wouldn't miss yet another moment. She really likes the bus, and the ladies are really nice. Sadly, those are about the only pictures I've taken in the past few weeks. My camera is having moments, so I know it won't be long until we need to get another. Hold on, little camera!

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Leslie said...

Nice to see some pics ;) The kids all did great Friday night - it was a fun night. And Hannah has come so far. It seems like I remember a post saying she couldn't put any weight on her feet...I bet jumping on the trampoline was a no-no too ;o) Praise the Lord!