Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hannah had her first day of school today and did great! She was ready for anything, as usual. I sent her in a zip up sweater- it was cooler and very windy, and she refused to take it off all day. It ended up being in the 80's and she had nice rosy cheeks with her sweater all zipped up! She told me she ate and played, and the people there were teacher and teacher. (I think there are 2 helpers plus the teacher with her all day.) She said she was tired, but made it through the evening just fine. (The picture is on my phone.) My mom came to watch the kids while I did errands and hung out with Charissa for an hour. Caleb wants to go to Grandma's house most of the time that we see her, so the plan was for her to take him home for a while when she left today. Hannah was so confused about it all. She was sure she needed her "b" and some clothes, that she would go to school at Grandma's. No fussing though when Grandma left. I think she was too tired! Tomorrow is another day of school and therapy, so it will be full for her. A few things she's progressed on lately- she took a shower with no crying and is doing her full potty routine with no help. I still have to tell her when to go, but after that, she's doing is all. I put up a picture in the bathroom with the steps for her to see, and I think that finally made it click. What great progress.

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